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I am Jayden Moss and I enjoy sailing. I have spent decades on the sea and most of what I learnt, I learnt through experience. I have navigated through rough waters and calm waters alike and there’s no greater thrill than that of controlling a vessel on the deep seas. I never had a proper guide to introduce me to the seas therefore I made plenty of mistakes but all ended up being valuable lessons which I intend to share with fellow sailors.

That’s why I developed the NavStation website, a platform I will use not only to share my experiences about sailing but also to bring together people passionate about sailing in the sea to share their own experience. I will cover various aspects of sailing and navigation from the weather and tides, to equipment, to planning and preparation, to routes and so on. If you are passionate about learning how to sail then I can guarantee you that NavStation to you will be like candy to a baby.

I welcome you to NavStation and I do trust that I will be able to prepare you to enjoy a safer and more fulfilling sailing experience. Within no time, you will definitely be sailing like a pro.


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