Here Are 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sailing

Sailing is undoubtedly a very fun and life changing recreational activity that I would recommend to many. After years of sailing, I recently found out that sailing happens to have some really tremendous health benefits. This probably explains why I haven’t been in to see a doctor for years, except the dentists.

Let me share with you a couple of health benefits I recently found out can be enjoyed from sailing.

Here are 5 amazing health benefits of sailing.

1 Sailing is really good for your heart

This hasn’t been scientifically proven but I can confidently say that I have never come across a regular sailor who died of a heart attack. This is supported by the fact that sailing offers really good support to your cardiovascular health thereby decreasing chances of hypertension and heart diseases because taking part is sailing can be equated to taking part in an intense workout session that promotes extensive intake of oxygen which is good for your cardiovascular system.

2 Sailing promotes better mental health

Did you know that salty air actually promotes more oxygen intake into your body? Well, now you know. The next time you are out at sea you had better take in that warm salty air because it’s good for your mental health. Generally, when your body ingests more oxygen, it makes its way to the brain thereby increasing the production of serotonin which is known to trigger feelings of happiness. The happier you are, the better your mental health.

3 Sailing will boost your concentration

Sailing is a task that will require a lot of multitasking because it entails a lot of moving parts. You have to be checking the weather, observing sea conditions, reconfirming speed, checking depth and so on, at the same time attending to the needs of those on board. Having to do all these has tremendous benefits to improving your concentration.

4 Sailing makes you a better communicator

Whether you are the captain of the boat or a crew member, as a regular sailor you will realize that with time you are a better communicator. This is because the task of ensuring that a boat stays on water involves a lot of team work and communication both verbal and non-verbal. When you do this a lot you become better at reading cues therefore making you a better communicator.

5 Sailing makes you better organized

Sailing requires a lot of precision and attention to detail if it is to be done successfully. If you sail regularly and have to ensure that you maintain the proper bearing, the proper depth, the proper speed and so on, you will realize that even when not sailing, this is a quality that you will apply in other aspects of your life.

These benefits that you gain from sailing will end up boosting your overall health because they are directly linked to healthy lifestyles.

I trust that this has indeed been an informative and life changing article.

Happy sailing!