A simple and easy to use tidal height predictor. The program will calculate tidal heights for over 3000 worldwide locations using the UK Admiralty Simple Harmonic Method.

The current version will calculate tides up to 31 December 2005. Registered users will be entitled to a further year of tidal data which is made available from this website each September. A small annual upgrade fee will be payable for additional tidal data after this period.

The module features:

  • Display of tidal curve or tables
  • Calculates the rate of rise/fall for any given time
  • Calculates fall of tide to next low water for safe anchoring
  • Displays 10 day trend to highlight neaps / springs cycle
  • Display and update of tidal harmonic data
  • Ability to add additional ports
  • User maintained shortcuts for favorite ports
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Display heights in metres or feet
  • Sunrise / sunset times
  • Phase of moon
  • Tidal coefficient (Brest)

Smartphone edition

A version of this module is also available for Microsoft Smartphones. This provides the essential tidal curve and times of high and low water. To reduce resource requirements on the Smartphone, tidal data for the required ports is obtained seamlessly via a webservice and then stored locally on the device.

Registered users of the PocketPC version are also entitled to unlimited use of the Smartphone edition.

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